2018 was a rough year to be a social network. As many were questioning social media’s impact on society, Strava saw the issue as an opportunity to show the world what makes their social network different from the rest.
Stink Studios
AD: Steven Olimpio

I was ACD/Copy Lead on this global campaign aimed at highlighting the positivity and support shared among the millions of athletes who use Strava, centered around giving Kudos (the orange thumbs akin to a 👍 or ❤️ on other platforms). We kicked off the phased campaign with some punchy out-of-home that ran in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and London—plus a style guide to enable global transcreation in the Strava network. 

Strava users are accustomed to giving Kudos within the Strava app, but our campaign gave them tools and inspiration to spread the love everywhere else. Our campaign landing page hosted a Kudos generator, a GIPHY library + screenshot templates for social stories, and even a few videos to demonstrate how to give Kudos IRL.

The campaign site attracted 2 million visitors in the first month, and we counted over 14,000 unique Instagram posts with the #GiveKudos hashtag.

Tim Blount